Social media

So I deleted my facebook apps again, then downloaded them again, then deleted them – repeat.

I wish I could just delete them permanently but I’m so worried about missing out on something.
Looking at the ‘on this day’ tab is a minefield but I cant help myself. I’ve had my fb account about 8 years. I used to post about 10 times a day! Reading all the shite I used to post is cringe worthy. You can tell when I’ve been depressed or hyper from what I’ve posted. You can tell when I’ve been blatantly trying to get someone’s attention or when some man has screwed me over. It’s got me into bother for things I really shouldn’t have posted. I’ve most deffinetly aired my dirty washing for all the world to see. When I first got together with my partner it caused all sorts of problems, he would read my msgs ( more fool me for trusting him and not putting a lock on my iPad) he would go through my timehop, he would always ask why I didnt post anything about him like I did about my ex , ‘I’ve got the best boyfriend in the world’ blah blah blah stupid bitch. Best boyfriend until he dropped me like a sack of shit after a silly argument, refused to talk about it then ignored me til I went away.

Learned my lesson on that one

I don’t post much now. A few incidents have left me feeling like I almost don’t want to tell anyone anything but I still can’t seem to be able to stay away from the bloody thing. I wish I’d never signed up, its evil.


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