I think one big reason I don’t want to admit I’m mentally ill is I don’t want a label. Because everyone can be labeled . I have a lot of horrendous personality defects, but does this make me ill or does this just make me an arsehole? Would I rather be ill or just an arsehole? I think this is something I will have to decide at some point.

Every child  with the slightest abnormality has a label these days. I sometimes  wonder who these children were in my classes at school. Before we had these labels. I wonder what label I would have been given if my defects had ever been picked up, though that’s unlikely, they didn’t even realise I was blind in one eye until it was too late.

Are we all just normal but differently?

Is my supervisor at work a power crazed unpredictable ticking time bomb or is it simply not her fault because she has anger management issues?

where do we draw the line?


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